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A Bid Manager is a specific position within an organization, it is responsible for managing bids as Request for Proposals (RFPs) from the clients. You must orchestrate a solution to your requirements and ensure compliance with the same, highlighting such a proposal as a company value against the competitors.

Strategic position

As a strategic position as it is, will be in constant communication with the directors of the company to work for tenders that are consistent to the Community interests.

In terms of the major tasks of the Bid Manager are to deliver the offer to public and private clients in perfect conditions of form and content within the deadlines set by the same.

The Bid Managers play an important role in many business industries, not only in the construction.

They must take responsibility for the proper functioning of all ongoing bidding processes. Control the time limits for each project, as well as its financial parameters and the management of the relationship with the client.

Know Your Customer

Within the competitive bidding process we can find projects with budgets of different importance. Might want to consider bids for a company that bids on a project or multimillion-dollar concession to run for 10 or even 25 years.

On the other hand it is more likely that in day to day , the manager must manage minor projects with monthly installments.

Therefore, the Bid Manager is often someone with extensive experience in projects of a very diverse subject matter and scope; It must not be an expert running all kinds of works that are tender, but it must have a broad constructive and administrative culture in order to control their budgets.

One of the main pillars of the knowledge which should hoard a Bid Manager is treatment and customer knowledge. Extensive experience in this productive sector of the company will be a plus in his performance.

The personal knowledge of the Contracting officers, as well as their needs, facilitate in technical and budgetary approach to proposals to bid for the company. A successful tenderer close and with good communication and understanding with the Bid Manager, assures your organization important advances against the competitors when it comes to be efficient in the work to be carried out. That is, prevents inadequate approaches and late updates of information that may result a key in the procurement process.

Strategic position

We talked about the relationship of a Bid Manager with the Board of Directors of a company. The relationship that must have with the economic Administration of the organization is also noteworthy, as well as with the Project Manager and the Technical specialist.

It must maintain a relationship with them mutually enriching and of continuous knowledge. Both of the productive aspects obtained, the technological and market prices in each moment. To some extent, the Bid Managers may be Project Manager of high degree

For this reason, many organizations choose by professional experience as a Project Manager. Its management capacity and its high knowledge of the sector makes them to be the most demanded specialists for this type of position. It seems evident that the uptake of new projects and customers as a result of tendering procedures is vital for any construction company.

Desarrolla un plan de comunicación

It is also of crucial importance,to a longer term, bring to fruition these bids. A balanced offer and with a controlled risk ensures the future of any organization. To carry out his work, a Bid Manager shall manage and work with a multidisciplinary and technical equipment. It must therefore be a professional with strong leadership skills to manage his team successfully as well as the resources of the Department.

Bid Manager shall manage or create a team with expertise and experience to get winning deals, is responsible for the work of each of the assigned members. The responsibilities include the preparation and development of all necessary procedures of the bidding process. It’s a very interconnected work which must be performed under pressure due to challenging deadlines that are usually handle. The management of human resources as customers and their consequential commercial skills are essential in a candidate to be Bid Manager of your organization.

Therefore when incorporating in a company structure a Bid Manager profile, we have well-defined, as in any technical position, its functions clearly.

Also an organizational strategy with regard to the objectives to obtain and for them he will be evaluated . This will enable him to carry out its work in the most efficient way possible. The second step is to facilitate its agents of communication data, as we have named, types of clients and team for studies and biddings. Get all to work efficiently and harmonic will be work of Bid Manager.

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