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The Country manager is the maximum representative of the company in a certain country. He will be in charge and will have to lead all the operations realized in the above mentioned country, both administrative and logistic.

By definition Country Manager understands itself as the professional who works to represent a company in a foreign country. A work as Country Manager implies working to manage the operations, business development and to increase the profitability of a company in a region or specific country. He will be responsible for the obtained results.


Motivated by the strong internationalization of the companies of the sector, big internal infrastructures are needed in the companies that want to develop important projects abroad. The figure of the Country Manager becomes essential if inside the strategic plan of a company he gets ready to work with continuity in a certain destination to medium and long term.

The designated Country Manager will entrust of report directly to the President of the organization. It is a strategic position and of vital importance. Professionals are needed with strong initiative, experience and discipline. He will have to manage and compose an internal structure in the above mentioned country to carry out the assigned projects, if it is the case, and to materialize a plan of implantation and growth of the organization.

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These responsibilities associated with the position, will be directed and will sustain themselves with the contests for the company.

He will have to analyze the potentialities of the company in the country to direct its efforts and to all its organization to the above mentioned targets. For it, it will have to show a big communication skill at the time of persuading its Superiors, at the time of promoting the increase of investment in the country if he believes that it proceeds to do it, as to the property in the destination country to be praised by its organization opposite to the competitors.


Inside the above mentioned responsibilities those will be, therefore, of supporting the President of the organization so much in the projects in execution, as in the forthcoming ones. For it it will have to determine key brochures and prioritize them. To plan and to develop a plan of integral communication, to take part in commercialization works like presentations and informative acts of the company. It will have to carry out it, using persuasive arguments that promote the image of the brand in the country.

As for the academic standards and of experience that they are usually associated with this type of profile, we might centralize them in the following aspects. Experience in planning of constructive projects, proven experience in dealing with all kinds of clients, some type of formation or mastery (MBA) in business and strategic analysis. It would be convenient also that it contributes experience in the dealing and relations established with potential clients, this is, to have a clients’ portfolio to consolidate. Also it will have to know the functioning of the administration of the organization, have other one similar experience will facilitate its learning.

The profile

All these factors will be associated to the Country Manager concept. Of course, as of form general practitioner and somehow a bit aseptic. We have not focused yet the profile of one specific form, we must adapt all these concepts to the performance environment, this is, to the destination country.

Not an easy at all task although it seems like to be . The destinations to which normally a Country Manager faces his activity can be very different. An Anglo-Saxon destination, differs a lot from a Latin, Arab, Asian or African destination. Already of beginning, this differentiation must occupy first place at the time of praising us for one type of candidate or other. All this formation and experience, is it extrapolated to the looked destination? This way it must be, therefore, there will have to be considered to be many factors at the time of praising us for a professional of this type.

Some of these factors will be the state of development of the destination country , of the same organization and of the competition in the country. It is then, when we will have the definitive approach that allows us to adapt all these needs and to materialize them in a clear profile that makes minimize the big ones risks associated with a strategic position of this type.

Finally, the profile adapted for a position of Country Manager must be of someone that enjoys the direct dealing with clients and the challenge of making the business to grow. Its aptitude to communicate efficiently is essential. For it, like manager of the country, it would be suitable to know quite well the operational culture and its social culture.

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