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Construction manager is the maximum responsability within a work. Managing and representing the construction company walk to work, carries out tasks of selection and management of resources, both human and material for any number of construction projects, either civil engineering or any other type of construction project.

Construction Management or Construction Project Management (CPM), as head of the work, is responsible for carrying out all the work entrusted in term. Respecting the environmental levels and stipulated quality, must obtain the maximum possible economic benefits for his organization.


Will be responsible for carry out proper planning, coordination and control of the projects from the beginning up to the end. CPM is aimed to satisfy the requirements of a client in order to produce a functional and economically viable project. The construction sector can cover projects of different Engineering and construction sectors. A Construction Manager has the same responsibilities and complete the processes in each of these sectors.

What differentiates a Construction Manager in one sector or another, is the specific knowledge of the peculiarities of each type of construction. This can lead to a need specific profiles for each sector, as well as different types of equipment and subcontractors.

The company

A company of construction, hereinafter called Contracts Company, usually because that internationally, there are different types of procedures for awarding such as project and work, is assigned to a project of construction once the design has been completed. Such an award, involves different contractors. The contractor is selected both assessing their economic proposal to carry out the project, as the technical proposal to carry it out in the most advantageous way for the customer. This last makes reference to factors such as quality, safety and the environment and human.

The Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) sums up all its responsibilities into 7 categories:

Project management planning
Cost management
Time management
Quality management
Management of contracts.
Safety control
Functional as the definition of the structure of the team and assignment of responsibilities, leadership and implementation of controls in the works, communication protocols, and project risk management.


The Construction Management, in what refers to the programming of the work, it is desirable to have an extensive experience in dealing with management or client, also with the entities that are affected environmentally.

These are key factors when it comes to be able to carry out successfully the programming of any project.

In what refers to the profile required to recruit a Construction Manager, usually required degree of Civil engineer, as well as specific degrees of technical training such as railways, roads, tunnels, etc.


A Construction Management must have the ability to manage public safety, time management, management of costs, quality management, decision making, mathematics, working drawings, and human resources.

The descriptive functions of Construction Management are usually the following:

Specification of the project’s objectives and plans which include the delimitation of the scope, budget, programming, establishment of performance requirements, and the selection of the participants of the project.

La implementation of various operations through the coordination and control of the planning, the design, the estimation, engagement and construction in the proper process.

Maximize the efficiency of resources through the recruitment of workforce, materials and equipment.

The development of effective mechanisms for conflict resolution and communications.

More and more frequently, are required to possess qualifications related to the standards in the management of international projects, for example those granted by the Project Management Institute. Depending on the size of the project may be adopted different criteria to this end. As important or more than the training have another key factor to opt for one candidate or the other: the proven experience.

A candidate with proven experience in this type of work, will be a key factor to ensure our employees have a professional you can trust.

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