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Design Manager in the construction is the position of maximum technical responsibility within a team of editors of projects. The drafting of any engineering project entails a series of administrative and technical processes that need to be managed centrally. The person in charge of that process, both creative as administrative and regulatory control, is the Design Manager.

The main objective

The main objective of the Design Manager is to develop and maintain a functional structure by which an organization can achieve their strategic goals and mission through the design of it. That is, take it out through the establishment and management of an efficient system. To do this, you must set a human resources organizational structure perfectly adapted to the type of project to be carried out, as well as a professional portfolio management of contracts.

Traditionally, Design Manager focused exclusively on the technical and regulatory issue. Over time it has evolved to include other aspects of the functional level and strategic organization. At present, understood as being the integration of design thinking in strategic management. An interdisciplinary approach focused on the relationship with the administration. Thus becomes a strategic asset, the value of the brand, the differentiation and the quality of the product for many companies. More and more organizations include the management of design as a relevant factor and connection in corporate processes.

Highly skilled

Design Manager, in its more technical aspect, should have a solid technical understanding of the key concepts in the civil engineering and be able to manage a multidisciplinary team of engineers.

The team may be composed with specialists from diverse disciplines as structures, tunnels, construction and mechanical , electrical, transport, road, urban planning, water, Geotechnics, hydraulics, etc.

In reference to the administrative aspects that must control the Design Manager they will depend on the type of Organization for which they work. Form generic, we can say that you must have experience working with forms of contract of international as well as the standards of applicable location local management and execution.


With regard to your personal profile, indicate that the Design manager must have an entrepreneurial character with great capacity for self-management to very demanding and changing documentation delivery processes.

Is then in charge for supervising a multidisciplinary team of engineers to lead the writing or overseeing the project.

This includes the writing or in-depth review of the previous design if, all your information is technical, including their regulations, deadlines and finishes, with the intention to ensure a correct operation of the designed infrastructure, thus fulfilling all the requirements of the client.


The Design Manger must be responsible for the scheduling and coordination of all activities of the project, as well as milestones and technical reports of delivery.

He should also check all progress, preparing periodic reports for management, face significant technical modifications, or deadlines and budget, recommending appropriate corrective action if necessary to carry them out. Your responsibility will be working with the evaluator’s security to ensure the fulfilment of the project of all operational and safety requirements. Also ensure close cooperation with the controllers of projects and contracts staff to check the respective fulfillment of these aspects. In summary, abstract design in civil engineering management plays three key roles in what refers to the design, organization and market.

Align the design with corporate strategy or brand strategy, or both. Control the quality and the consistency of the results of design through the different design disciplines. Improve the methodology with new methods of development, creating new solutions for the needs of users and the differentiation of the competitors designs.

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