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The Organization of the construction company consists in the co-operation, structured with a sense of the various organs to perform the functions of the company. We can summarize these functions in the hiring, planning, implementation and liquidation of works. Within this scheme we find the Managment or Technical Office, by intervening in the four stages defined in coordination with other directions and departments of the company.


The technical Office of work fits within the Organization of the work and is directly dependent on the Constructor Manager.

Its size is determined by a number of factors specific to each work. In particular we note the volume of it, its different level of technical complexity, number of activities that it involves their execution, as well as the same characteristics and customer demands.

In works of some size that involves a large number of activities and some with a degree of high technical complexity, it is essential to count on the site with a technical office equipped with all necessary means. So that the production of the work keeps the expected rate, without interruptions due to lack of definitions, and controlled in terms of quality, cost and time. That is why the figure of the Site Office Manager it is essential in any work of some importance.

Construction support

The construction works, within the framework of the construction company, constitute the fundamental unity of this since, they are centres of production and, therefore, which generate almost all income and expenses.

Due to the characteristics of construction activity, great variety of different works, geographic dispersion, etc., the management is decentralized gaining works a great role and enjoying a high degree of autonomy.

Because of this, the works must be developed within a framework that allows and promotes the coordination with other departments of the company, taking advantage, in this way, of all the potential of the company for its realization. This coordination work corresponds to the Builder Manager who should be in a fluid contact with the Central Technical Office that will receive support and assistance for all those technical themes involved in the execution of the work whenever needed.

For its purpose any type of technical direction, should be sizing and provide media chords to their size and field of activity. In the field that occupies us, the technical direction of a work must meet the following requirements:

  • Technical and economic planning of the work.
  • Definition for execution of all units and elements of the work.
  • Review of the construction processes.
  • Measurement and valuation of the works.


These needs should be conducted with a demanding control of the managed documentation. The documentation of a work must be easily accessible and be unique in terms of versions of the same. Motivated by the existing circumstances on the ground, any work modifications that may arise must be known by all the agents involved immediately. This work will be responsible for the Site Office Manager.

The responsibilities so that captures a Site Office Manager are diverse. Administrative work specialized in the direction of personnel, budgets, programming, technical calculations, shopping, etc. Definitely, to give technical support to a construction work so that the staff have a clear commitment at all times and facilitate the work of drivers agents of its execution.


Tasks that are entrusted to it normally includes:

  • Work with subcontractors to ensure a proper documentary control.
  • Monitoring and processing invoices from subcontractors and material suppliers.
  • Keep updated plans of work with affected stakeholders, as well as the destruction of obsolete documentation.
  • Assist in selection, research, the bidding and order of construction materials.
  • Assist in the preparation of packages of bidding, the sending of requests for proposals and evaluation of the offers of subcontractors.
  • Develop and update a list of subcontractors and material suppliers, phone/contact.
  • Keep the office equipped with office equipment (i.e., paper, toner, furniture, etc.).

To be qualified for this type of position,the candidates must have experience within a construction technical office . It is important to be familiar with the latest trends and the specific software versions to use in your own office. That is, have to handle different accounting tools and work programming, as well as programmes of normal use for projects. It will be very useful at the time of check and complement the construction project.

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